What could one find in an air hotel?

Well, think about it, what does one normally look for in an air hotel?

Enough space in the room is one. Comfortable resting places such as beds and couches, too. Of course, one cannot forget about refreshments – drinks (both alcoholic and the non-alcoholic type) and good food. Then of course, there is entertainment. One of the biggest problems many people have when it comes to long distance flights is the fact that they get bored – and you cannot blame them! Imagine having to stay within enclosed quarters, 30,000 miles above the ground, for 18 hours in one go! This simple fact alone can drive one insane.

Add to that the fact that the activities that one can engage in are quite limited and restricted. With an air hotel, these limitations are stretched and more options are available. More choices when it comes to entertainment activities and facilities are provided – just like in a land-based hotel.

Picture above is of the Airbus A380 First Class Cabin.

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