Air hotels

Air hotels are the future of flying in luxury.

Accommodations while in the air are as good as, or even better than, normal hotels.

Air hotels used to be akin to science fiction scenarios. These were conceived in the minds of visionaries who wanted flying to be as luxurious and comfortable as possible. Anyone who has flown to any destination would know that flying is not the most comfortable means of transportation, especially if one cannot afford a business class or first class ticket. With the numerous budget airline operating around the world today, flying has become more accessible but definitely not more comfortable.

With the vision of air hotels, however, flying can become as comfortable as any other means of transportation – even more comfortable, in fact. The whole idea behind an air hotel is that an individual flying on a long haul flight will be able to experience the very same comforts that he can have if he were staying in a luxurious hotel on land. In this way, he can forget that he is merely in transit to his destination.

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